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Our Vaccine Schedule for First Year of Life

We currently give the following vaccines (as of May 2009): 

  • 2 months: Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, and Rotavirus (liquid).

  • 4 months: Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, and Rotavirus (liquid).

  • 6 months: Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, and Rotavirus (liquid).

  • 12 months: MMR, Varicella.

  • 15 months: HIB, Dtap, Prevnar.

  • 2 years: Hepatitis A.

  • 2.5 years: Hepatitis A.


We may soon be changing from Rotavirus to Rotarix (which is fewer doses and more flexible).


The Pediarix vaccine includes DtaP, Hepatitis B, and Polio/IPV.


Flu shots can be given starting at 6 months of age.


Alternative Vaccination Schedules


Dr. Stiles is open to alternative schedules in such cases as: 


  • Babies who are exclusively breastfed and whose Mom’s vaccines are up to date.

  • Babies who do not go to Daycare.

  • Babies who are not planning to travel.


There is no data that changing the schedule helps reduce the risk of Autism or Autoimmune diseases.Dr. Bob has an alternative schedule that many parents prefer; however, it is very difficult to do and exposes the child to more Thimersol (the preservative with Mercury). The AAP reviewed this option in the following article: 


Dr. Bob’s Alternative Vaccination Schedule.


This schedule spreads the shots out, and babies get 2 vaccinations every month. One difficulty for parents is coming into the office every month (however, you don’t need an appointment to get vaccines). This obviously involves a lot more needle sticks, because the shots are spread out. In the usual schedule (above), we use combination vaccines to minimize the number of shots. Furthermore, Dr. Bob’s schedule does NOT include Hepatitis A or B at all. Plus we don’t carry the individual Measles, Mumps, and Rubella components, and have found one component is not available. We can delay the MMR and give it alone. I also like to give the Polio series earlier than Dr. Bob’s schedule recommends.




Please be assured that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is looking out for the safety and wellbeing of all children in the US. Please see my article on Autism for more info.

You may have read one of the many recent articles about the reduction in disease due to vaccines. For example, Prevnar for kids has reduced the incidence of Pneumococcal Meningitis and Sepsis in kids and Pneumonia in adults.

Before the Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, approximately 400 kids died annually from chickenpox complications, mostly Staph infections. Before the HIB (Hemophylis Influenzae) vaccine, HIB was the leading cause of Meningitis (after, the leading cause was Pneumococcal). Mumps may not seem like a disease you should worry about, but it causes sterility in males. Pertussis has resurged among adults, which is why we now vaccinate them with TdaP.


THE FLU      (We do flu shots for Adults, Seniors (65+), Babies (6-36 mos.) and offer the FluMist for those 2-49 yrs.)


Flu kills approximately 36,000 people in the US every year in a GOOD non-epidemic year. 90% of those deaths are in folks over 65. Children are the main purveyor of viruses, as they spread them from school to the general community and to the most susceptible elderly and infants. Children shed viruses longer than adults, and shed virus even when they are feeling better. Thus, I believe in a flu shot for EVERYONE. Babies can get a flu shot at 6 months of age and we carry a preservative-free baby dose. They require a 2nd booster 1 month after the first. We are also now carrying the Flumist Nasal Spray.


See Dr. Stiles on the news, talking about the Flu.

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For most of us Americans 45 years old and younger, we are blessed to have grown up without significant plagues and epidemics. Before withholding vaccinations altogether you really should try to understand the magnitude of such a disaster by reading one of the following: 


  • The Polio Epidemic – An American Story (by D. Oshinsky).

  • Living with Polio: The Epidemic and Its Survivors (by D. Wilson).

  • Polio Voices: An Oral History from the American Polio Epidemics and Worldwide Eradication Efforts (by J.K. Silver).

  • The Boys’ Ward: The Polio Epidemic (by R. Treanor).


I say “most of us” because Africans are currently experiencing an AIDS epidemic, which is the worst disease I know of. Gay American males in their 40’s have lived through the AIDS epidemic and the deaths of many of their friends, before we knew what caused it. It is very possible we may experience another Flu Pandemic or Epidemic in our lifetime.

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