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Meet our staff

Dr. Jeff Warren
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Wendy Remmers, NPC
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Sandra Miller

What makes us different?

 Choosing a small practice is a special decision. We hope that the following advantages make us the right choice for you:


  • It is easier to talk to the doctor.

  • Our staff know you, and care about you

  • We offer a calm, quiet atmosphere with very little wait time.

  • When you call our office, you are able to talk to someone you know.

  • We have continuity of care. In other words, you don’t see a different doctor each time you visit.


Our Mission


To provide compassionate and intelligent care that addresses the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each individual, throughout their life, in a quiet and caring environment.


Guiding Principles:


Wellness and Prevention

Your well-being is a priority. We will help guide you towards preventive measures to avert illness or catch illness at an early stage.



We are partners in your healthcare. By working together we can ensure that your health care services are satisfying and personalized to your individual needs.


Open Communication

Open, honest communication is the most important part of our relationship. Please feel comfortable telling me as much as possible about your health and medical history. The more we are aware of, the better we can provide you with medical advice and treatment options that suite your personal needs.


Support throughout every step of your life

Each step of life requires very different medical attention. We are committed to making sure your healthcare needs are addressed from the unique needs of:

• Pediatrics- from breastfeeding through adolescence and every milestone in between

• Adulthood

• Elderly care


Timeliness of Service

Our team at Memphis Internal Medicine and Pediatrics understands how valuable your time is. Our goal is to schedule your appointment at the earliest opportunity.

Additionally, priority in scheduling will be given to sick and urgent patients.


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