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Men's Health

The two biggest risks to anyone’s health are Smoking & Obesity.
Recommended Health Screenings for Men are as follows:


All Men 

(Age 18-30)

  • Self-Testicular Exams. 

  • Screening for STDs, HIV. 


Black Men 

(Age 45 and up)

  • Annual PSA blood tests. 


All Men 

(Age 50 and up)

  • Annual PSA. 

  • Annual – 3 Stool Cards. 

  • Every 3-10 Years -Colonoscopy. 


All Ages 

  • (Timing based on risk factors)

  • Lipid Panel (Cholesterol). 

  • Blood Pressure. 

  • Sugar or Hemoglobin AIC. 


Male Smokers 

  • (Or ex-smokers over 65)

  • One time Abdominal Ultrasound. 

  • Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA). 

  • All Diabetics

  • Yearly Eye Exams. 

  • Yearly Foot Exams. 

  • Yearly Diabetic Shoes. 

  • Hemoglobin AICs up to every 3 Months. 


Any User of Crack, Injected Illicit Drugs, or Cocaine

  • Blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. 

Risk Factors for Thin Bones:

  • Smoking.

  • Thin frame.

  • Low Testosterone for years.

  • Thyroid medicine.

  • Use of Steroids, including high dose steroid inhalers.

  • Prostate cancer medications for years.

  • Years of kidney or liver disease.

Should You Take Anything?
We recommend all men over 50 take a baby aspirin (81mg) at least weekly. This helps prevent heart attacks. 

Men should take a multivitamin. Since you don’t need iron, a “silver” or no iron vitamin is fine. Some medicines interfere with absorption of vitamins. For that reason, I think the most reliable vitamin is a chewable vitamin, like Flinstones gummy-vites or Centrum Silver Chewables. Vitamins like iron, D, B12, thiamine are especially sensitive to absorption problems. People on stomach medicines or who have had stomach or intestinal surgery (including bariatric) have extra trouble with these vitamins.

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